Matt + Lo

Why 153?

153 Photography is comprised of one couple: Matthew Therrien and Lo MacInnis.

We struggled to create a business name that would reflect love and storytelling in a real, true way. We thought back on our own story and it hit us both that 153 was perfect.

153 is the random number of things we wrote down, by hand, on canary notepads listing the things we love most in life. When we exchanged them and read each other's lists, we were so shocked to find that nearly all of the items we wrote were the same. Our love — our story — started by realizing we shared an overwhelming amount of seemingly ordinary things in common…and some that felt truly unique. The first sip of a vanilla latte. Piano music on rainy, grey days. Rediscovering old journals. Epitaphs. Inscriptions in old books. New pens. Secret passages in houses. Exploring, discovering, constantly looking for the next story to tell.

We love love; and love to document couples, families, babies and expectant mothers: people who can look back on these photos in years to come and be transported back to some of the most intimate and beautiful times in their lives.

Let us help share your story, too.






“A complete pleasure to work with! Would recommend to all my friends and family.”
- Elisa Miotto

“Lo and Matt are a fantastic team! We did a newborn/family shoot with them and they are so patient - we had a 3 year old and 3 week old. Lo is fantastic with the baby and the photos turned out amazing and they were able to capture the moments!”
- Vivian Enokido

“Okay. So...I have used a few photographers in the past for mini sessions and always been content with the results. Lo and Matt did an AMAZING job with our annual mini family photoshoot! They were so friendly and easy to deal with! My 15 month old daughter loved them and smiled for them the whole time! And the finished product...took my breath away! They captured our little family perfectly and I cannot wait to use them again next year! Thank you guys!!”
- Brittany Vanderkooy

“Amazing photographer. One of the most talented artists that I know. What separates Lo from the average talent is her ability to capture the essence of raw emotion in her photos. I remembered what I was feeling at that exact moment. That is priceless and especially to a new momma. Stunning photos that I love to look at and share time and time again.”
- Jaclyn Foster Guldemond

“The choice to go with Lo as my maternity photographer was a choice I will NEVER live to regret. She was absolutely incredible!”
- Mandie Mooyer




This is the story of you ...

Photography has the amazing power to instantly take us back in time — to help us relive and experience our most treasured and beloved memories. Photos can be shared; they can be the source of reminiscence between families and friends, husbands and wives, and more. They tell a powerful story, and stand as beloved markers of a time since passed.

Our goal is to help tell the story of you — to not just be with you on one day, but to walk with you through your most important milestones. The start of a relationship, an engagement, a wedding day, expecting your child, capturing the fragility of your newborn, and sharing in the joy of their first birthday cake smash.

153 Photography is about capturing the beauty and essence of life. And forming lifelong and meaningful relationships with our clients.




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